Bounce Rate Calculation

Moin @Marvin :slight_smile:

“Count every visitor who leaves after visiting the first page as bounced.”

Source: Bounce rates · Issue #28 · pirsch-analytics/pirsch · GitHub

Is the statement still true?


Yup, we didn’t change the definition :+1:

If a visitor views the same page multiple times in a row, it will still be counted as bounced.

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Is it possible that the home page is not taken into in the calculation?

For example, if I filter for a source, the home page is often displayed as the exit page.

Or I’m experiencing strange behavior where a unique visitor visits the home page multiple times…

Because if the number of home page views is correct, then the bounce rate of my landing page should be significantly lower.

All pages are treated equally. It will be the exit page for most, as they leave right on the home page if bounced. Here is an example for our website:

Multiple visits are still counted as bounced if the page isn’t changed in between them. Visiting /home and /home again for example still counts as bounced. This might be different from other tools like GA.

Can you (privately) share your dashboard?

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