Capturing User Info in Sessions?

Hi @Marvin right now when sessions are captured we get a random session ID is it possible to pass user info?

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Hi Shubham,

I suppose you mean the ID in the URL and not the session ID generated by us for reference (MzMxA3lx in this case)?

I would recommend using tags to attach a user ID. Please note that tracking identificable information in Pirsch requires consent. Although I don’t know the law in India, so you might be fine without asking for consent.

Tracking tags is really easy, you can learn more about that from our docs:

Yes, we are using tracking tags to capture PII and can filter the views & events via it but is there any way to show those tag data in session instead of MzMxA3lx which was generated by Pirsch?

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Good point. We should show them on the sessions page. I’ll add that with the next update :+1:

Awesome! it would be super helpful

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