Conversion Goal tracking with Regex

Hello there,
we are trying to track referrals from our Calendly Events to our thank you page on our website. We send users from our website to Calendly and back to our thank you page. The Calendly event adds UTM parameters. In our Goal we have a reg ex to filter only specific UTM parameters. The regex looks like this: utm_term=calendly-event.* I tested this expression with the regex tester and everything seems to work. I tested now the flow and when I land on the thank you page, in live view I do not see the Goal triggered. How can we fix this? Kind regards, Konstantin.

Hi Konstantin,

UTM parameters cannot be filtered by regex, only pages can. But you can try using a “contains” filter instead, which should work if you set it to “calendly-event”.

Here is an example:

Also, please note that if you change the referrer or UTM source, the visitor session will be reset. Visitors coming from Calendly will be counted as a new session.

Hello Marvin,

thank you very much for our reply and help with this. We would like to track this as a Goal not in a View so it does not really apply to our case. But anyway, your help is very appreciated.

I found a solution for us, so we can track the Calendly Events through a Goal. I created a javascript to catch the utm_term:

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", () => {
  const queryString =;
  const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(queryString);
  const utmTerm = urlParams.get('utm_term');
  if (urlParams.has('utm_term') && utmTerm === 'calendly-event' ){
    pirsch("Calendly Lead")

Now I can catch this with a Pirsch Goal and also we can add meta data, if we want to track certain stuff like answers from questions in the Calendly event.

Kind regards,

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That’s a really good solution :+1: Also thank you for posting it here so other may find it.