Disabling Analytics From My IP

Hello community,

I’ve been using pirsch.io for analytics, and it’s been a great tool for monitoring my website’s traffic. However, I often find myself appearing as a visitor when I’m just checking and updating content. Is there a way to exclude my own IP address from being recorded in the analytics? I want to avoid skewing the data with my own visits.

Additionally, I’ve noticed many communities using similar forums. Could someone please let me know which forum software is being used for pirsch.io forums? I’m curious to explore it for my own projects.

Any guidance on excluding my IP address and insights into the forum software would be greatly appreciated!



Hey Ivan,

Nice to hear that you’re happy with Pirsch :slight_smile:

To exclude yourself, you can check our docs here:

For the forum software, we use Discourse: https://www.discourse.org/ It has been around for quite a while and is super easy to set up and maintain. Also, we implemented DiscourseConnect, so that you can sign in with your Pirsch account and we disabled the regular sign-up and login. Theming is also really simple and can be done from the admin settings.

Ah, I see. Thanks for your response and information. I solved the issue.