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Hi there,

I’m a user of Enhance’s control panel and I’m really impressed with Pirsch.io as an alternative to Google Analytics. My clients would definitely appreciate having access to it.

I was wondering if it’s possible to integrate Pirsch.io directly into the Enhance control panel. Enhance stands out for its use of cutting-edge technology, unlike more traditional panels like cPanel or Plesk. Having Pirsch.io integrated would be a huge benefit.

Before reaching out to the Enhance team, I wanted to get your thoughts on the possibility of this integration. I truly believe it would be a fantastic addition and would see widespread adoption among Enhance users.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this potential integration!

Hi Ivan,

I haven’t heard of Enhance before, so I don’t know how you would add Pirsch to it. From a quick glance, you should be able to install our WordPress plugin for example, or use the API to create a plugin for it. Adding the JS snippet automatically should also be possible I suppose.

Using the API is simple, you can get started here:

The API can be used to send traffic (page views and custom events) and to read statistics. If you’re only interested in sending traffic, you would only need an access key that can be created on the integration settings page. So configuring Pirsch on Enhance could be just a single input field :slight_smile:

I’d like to see an integration that allows my clients to manually enable Pirsch.io from the Enhance dashboard. With this integration, I, as the admin, would cover the subscription cost for unlimited websites. Clients can easily activate Pirsch.io from the dashboard by adding their domain, without needing to provide payment details since I’ve already subscribed. They can choose between the basic or extended version and either receive the code to add to their website header or have the Pirsch.io WordPress plugin installed and activated automatically.

For clients with dedicated servers hosting their websites, they could directly purchase Pirsch.io from you and offer activation options to their clients.

To further enhance usability, integrating the analytics dashboard into the Panel or providing a link to it from within the dashboard would be beneficial.

As Enhance gains popularity, such an integration would be valuable, benefiting both Enhance and Pirsch.io. I’m considering reaching out to the Enhance team for their input and posting a feature request in their community for user feedback.

This idea struck me because Pirsch.io is the best analytics software I’ve ever used, and offering it through Enhance would be an incredible addition for hosting companies.

This is possible by using the API. You can use it to create new dashboards, get the integration snippet, and place it on their website. You can also create API clients dynamically for their dashboards so that you can configure it on the server side or through the WordPress plugin for example.

Creating new dashboards requires an account client, which is basically an API client with the same permissions as your user account. You can create it from the profile picture > Account in the top-right corner.

You might want to take a look at our case study for Maglr, which is kind of similar: Case Study: How Maglr.com Integrated Pirsch Analytics

That’s quite easy. You can simply embed the entire dashboard. Either by making them public or by creating a private access link. All possible through the API :slight_smile:


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I will ask the Enhance team for their opinion about this.

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