Exclude domains as referrals

How can I define a domain as non-referrer?

Use case: we have several subdomains that we don’t want to categorize as referrers (they show up as our own domain in referrers). Is there a possibility to define websites/domains that we don’t want to see as referrers? Traffic from there should be categorized as “Direct” instead.

Hi Philipp,

You can add them as “additional domains” on the Integration Settings page. They won’t be counted as referrers then :slight_smile:

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Hi Marvin
I have added *.mydomain.com as additional domain. But mydomain.com is still reported as “Referrer”. Any idea why that might be?
Thank you!

Please also add mydomain.com to the receiving dashboard.

Just to be clear, additional domains must always be configured on the receiving dashboard. For example, going from sub.example.comexample.com would require sub.example.com or *.example.com to be set up as an additional domain for example.com to ignore it as a referrer.

Hi Marvin
When I try adding mydomain.com (without wildcard) as additional domain, I get this message: “The domain is already in use.” (Note that mydomain.com is the actual domain we’re tracking.)

Oh right, that does make sense.

Hmm, I’m not sure. I thought this might be a bug, but I checked and it works as expected with our rollup demo code:

So, how exactly did you set it up? You should have a main dashboard mydomain.com and on the integration settings page an entry for *.mydomain.com to filter out all subdomains as referrers.

If you check the network tab of your browser coming from one of your subdomains you should see the Pirsch request with the ref query parameter set to the subdomain (if you’re using the JavaScript snippet). This is filtered out on our side.

Also, when did you test it? It can take up to 15 minutes until the configuration change is applied. Could I take a look at your site? You can send an email to support@pirsch.io if you don’t want to share it publicly.