Feature Request: Partner Conversions

I think you all are in a crazy untapped spot to allow partnership managers to track multiple domains, and the referred revenue via conversions from those domains. This is the big reason I’m so bullish on server-side analytics besides the privacy aspect, but this would likely require some new dashboard tabs, and the ability for domains/organizations to share data. It’d be a crazy feature also because you could almost create a social net where people could share second party analytics data across domains with consent. Anywaus, would love to know your thoughts.

Hi James,

Something we set out for was removing cookie banners, and requesting consent for such a feature would require adding them back in. I think it’s also possible that data sharing across domains could be forbidden by law in general in the feature.

We also don’t support the moral implications this has, as a lot of visitors still mindlessly click “consent” (or are tricked into it by bad UI design). Adding the option to track more than what we (and privacy laws) think is necessary would undermine the trust in our product.

I think youre misunderstanding what i mean by data. I dont mean sharing PII across domains. So this wouldn’t require any consent. You dont need to share or associate conversions with specific people, most partner managers just want to know the sourced revenue. It doesnt need to be associated with a person. So that can be done cookieless. I think even bringing up the term consent derailed the focus when i typed this, but i was kinda in a hurry and just jotting down a stream of consciousness.

Hmm, I think that would still be difficult to justify from a legal perspective. I can ask our DPO, but this goes beyond legitimate uses of interest.

Ahhhh ok, no worries. I may build it myself down the line anyways. In my head all it would require is taking the data from 2 or more Pirsch endpoints and building custom reports with it. It’s less actually saving the data and more just showing what the data means. So this also may be just me doing a terrible job of explaining my intent.

What I wanna do doesn’t require saving any data really, we just need to build reports that aggregate information from multiple Pirsch endpoints to get this info:

  • Partner Sourced Revenue
  • Referred Revenue
  • Page Engagement

Would the Custom Reports repo work for this?

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A demo would be really helpful. I’m not really sure what you’re trying to achieve.

Our data can’t be used for cross-site tracking on the individual visitor level, as we use different fingerprints for each website.