Help with Sessions tab

Hi, I am Daniel.
I have been asked by a customer about the data displayed in the sessions tab, and I am not Sure.

Flag: Spain ( it is about location ?)
Country: Spain (location?)
City : Sant Feliu ( location? , ip?, ??)
Region : Catalonia ( location , ip??) ( i ask because the session is not performed in Catalonia, but in Mallorca)
Language : German ( should be the language of the Browser I guess?)

Second part:
Session duration : 13.19 ( when it consider it is finished?)
Actions of the visitor
1-------- 0 seconds-------A (BUTTON 1)------0 Seconds----B(BUTTON 2)
the action between 1 - A - B , says 0 seconds, but 13.19 session duration. Can someone explain me ?

Thanks in advance! I have post the printscreen but I am not sure if it will be visible…

Hi Daniel,

The flag is indeed for the geo-location. The city and region are based on the IP address (which is not stored) and might not perfectly match the actual location of the visitor. It’s an approximation. The language is the language configured in the browser.

The session duration is the time between the first and last visit/event. In this case, the visitor looked just at the home page but triggered two events, setting the session as “not bounced” and updating the duration. So the last event was clicked after about 13 minutes and 19 seconds.

The 0s at the page view refer to the time on the page. We only know this if a visitor visits other pages. For the events, the 0s refer to a custom field you can set on the event via JavaScript or the API (to track reading time, for example).

I hope this clarifies the sessions page :slight_smile: