Maintain user activity

I’m using Pirsch in an app that makes the user stay on it for veeeeery long time, sometimes several minutes, without interacting with the app at all (we’re talking electron app here).

My understanding is that these users are not accounted as active after they have spent enough time without interacting with the app even tho the said app is still open, meaning that the user is still using my app, which I’d like to be able to measure in my dashboard.

Do we have a simple way to like, ping the server so the session is kept alive?

Hi Flavien,

Yes, this use case is supported and documented here:

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Hi Daniel, thanks for answering so fast.

Is there no integration with the JS sdk for it? Having to forge a request is not ideal and I’m not sure I can just grab everything from a hitFromBrowser() call.

I think that’s currently missing in the SDK, but we can add it.