Referrer tracking

I would like to get a special referrer when calling with a qr code. Like

I don’t see anything appearing (I used private mode, because I prevent tracking myself in normal mode), while I see that I visite the page (under active visitors).

I also checked under sources (although I would like to see it under referrers), but nothing shows there either.

My assumption is that those stats are not realtime? Or is there something else going on?

Hey Kasper,

You can add the ?ref=Something parameter to the QR code. Otherwise, the referrer will probably not be set.

Here is an example for Pirsch – The Best, Privacy-friendly Google Analytics Alternative.

Yeah, I’m aware that I have to add it to the QR code :slight_smile:

I figured out that the sources were not updated in realtime, but there is a delay. I just checked it now and I see QR in the referrer list.

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