Tracking Events with server-side integration

Hi. I’m using the Pirsch Analytics WordPress plugin for server-side integration. I would like to track events via HTML attributes.

Is pirsch-extended.js required in this case?

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After testing it appears that the answer is yes: pirsch-extended.js is required for event tracking even if using the WordPress plugin.

Also, if both the plugin and pirsch-extended.js are being used it seems to not double count the page view which is good.

Since I’ll need to use pirsch-extended.js the WordPress plugin seems redundant (although I did prefer the server side implementation).

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Hey Lou,

If you’re using the WP plugin in combination with pirsch-extended.js, you should disable page view tracking for the script by adding data-disable-page-views to the snippet.

Otherwise, using the plugin in combination with the script should work just fine :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @Marvin for the info.

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